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  • We now have a detailed rating report to put on the table for each client. This means we can quickly zero in on the most critical areas that can deliver the greatest impact on online revenues and lead generation. Allowing us to focus support where it is needed most.

    Stephen Hughes, Consumer Retail Manager Enterprise Ireland
  • The majority believe online is an important business channel. However, a third of businesses who sell online are not completely convinced online is important. It appears that the low overall percentage of sales represented by online within the business today is blinding senior management to the strategic role it will play in their future competitiveness.

    Power to Convert, Consumer Retail Market findings
  • The results gave Enterprise Ireland (EI) a clear, evidence based view of the supports and gaps required to fast track online growth for client companies. The findings revealed three distinct levels of online business maturity within the CRM client segment. The tailored nature of each individual ‘Power to Convert’ rating report allows Enterprise Ireland to design supports that respond to the very specific needs of each company based on their online maturity rating report. The evidence based insights mean EI and a client business can quickly pinpoint where the greatest opportunities lie for that particular business to increase online sales conversions and generate leads

    Stephen Hughes of Enterprise Ireland says he got exactly what he wanted out of ‘Power to Convert’