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Power to Convert – a unique banking software that turns website traffic into customers and leads. .

89% of retail banks are under performing online

Missing revenue-generating opportunities online is one of the biggest issues facing retail banks – attracting customers but not managing to sell to them. Our research shows that 89% of retail banks are missing opportunities to convert business online.

An automated solution  plugging revenue leaks

Marketfinder has created its unique analysis software Power to Convert to directly deliver an uplift in customer conversions. Power to Convert’s automated predictive solutions pinpoint the greatest opportunities to plug revenue leaks and maximise business from existing website traffic.


Pinpoints opportunities for customer conversions

Power to Convert is an automated predictive tool designed to allow banks quickly and at a greatly reduced cost, understand where to improve or tweak their website to achieve the greatest impact on customer acquisition, retention and cross selling.

Identifying the relevant KPIs and benchmarking for retail banks

Power to Convert is a proprietary software that rates a retail bank under 100 distinct conversion indicators, all of which are proven to directly impact on a website’s ability to generate business applications and customer leads. Combined with industry benchmarks, this automated detailed analysis allows Power to Convert to identify a bank’s critical KPIs. They can then quickly understand where best to focus resources online to achieve the greatest impact to increase customers and maximise marketing spend.

Answering critical questions

  • Where should we invest online to have the greatest impact

Automatically identifies actions to improve customer acquisition and retention rates

  •  Where and how do we dramatically reduce abandonment rates?

Pinpoints actions to drop abandonments

  •  Where and how can we optimise leads and customer contact?

Zeroes in on opportunities to generate leads

  • What activity and stats are critical and what should we monitor?

Access to expertise in online retail banking to identify the right online KPIs to monitor to             maximise online applications and lead generation

  •  How do we keep on top of  the most important revenue generating activity

Continues to highlight potential opportunities and suggest actions to  deliver business

60% time saving

Already users of Power to Convert report up to a 60% saving in time previously spent on sourcing clock_conversionmanagement information on website performance when using this new software. The efficiencies achieved by Power to Convert show that smaller companies can save up to five times their annual subscription while larger organisations can get considerably greater economies of scale from the software.

Quick and easy

The Power to Convert dashboard constantly monitors the most important KPIs and suggest actions to be taken to maximise business opportunities and address any identified potential problems. Such actions might include A/B testing of different versions of an underperforming landing page or to zero-in on marketing initiatives or campaigns that are delivering higher than normal conversions. Allowing the business to quickly capture insight and repeat what works. Power to Convert wins business by helping banks win business. Think of us as part of your marketing and sales team.




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