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Power to Convert is an online tool solving a problem for the estimated 90% of websites that are seriously under-achieving and missing sales and lead opportunities.

Power to Convert automatically analyses your website to show a business manager where the best opportunities lie to quickly increase online sales and generation leads.

It is a SaaS software solution that reduces the time normally needed to fully analyse and benchmark online performance by 68%. Reducing the cost of delivering a comprehensive report on your specific conversion opportunities by 47%.

Evaluating your online business under three segments –

Sentiment; Setup; Knowledge and Understanding.

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Power to Convert will deliver a conversion rating showing how you perform compared to the benchmark. A detailed report, tailored specifically to your business, is then produced to show exactly how you can improve sales and leads under 30 distinct conversion indicators. All of which directly impact on how effectively you can turn browsers into buyers and leads.


It has three essential elements:

1)      It’s an online tool showing you where conversion opportunities lie

2)      It provides you with an independent list of conversion priorities to act on today

3)      It provides resources to show exactly how to increase online sales and maximise lead generation

Power to Convert uses our conversion algorithm to speed up the normally slow learning curve of ‘trial and error’ research involved in understanding how to increase online sales conversions.