Marketfinder wins €50,000 Enterprise Ireland funding to promote unique ‘Power to Convert’ online sales optimisation software in UK

Former IIA Chair, Maeve Kneafsey, to lead Marketfinder expansion

Oonagh McCutcheon, new CEO at

Enterprise Ireland has announced €50,000 funding for Marketfinder, the company behind the ‘Power to Convert’ online sales optimisation software. The funding will help the company expand rapidly into the UK. As part of Marketfinder’s growth strategy, Maeve Kneafsey, founder of and former chair of the Irish Internet Association, is to take over as CEO of Marketfinder.

Developed in Dublin, Ireland, Marketfinder’s latest tool ‘Power to Convert’ interrogates websites to identify how they can increase online sales and drop the barriers to a purchase, showing a business how to significantly boost online sales.  Continually updated, the software is also a learning tool for online businesses, using conversion tracking analytics to provide unique insight into how to continue to optimise online revenues.

Commenting, Maeve Kneafsey said, “Though we only launched the software tool in Ireland three months ago in Beta form we already have revenues of €20,000, with a wide range of clients including retail, tourism, software and financial services companies.  All of these companies be they B2B or B2C, recognise that online sales are set to explode – as shown by the massive increase of online sales in Ireland and the UK during the recent Christmas season – and all these companies want to optimise their chances of converting online browsers into online buyers.

“In Q1/Q2 2014 my job is to bring the product, which our research indicates is unique in the world, to the UK initially, and then to other international markets.  As I’ll be leading this challenge, I will therefore step down from my day-to-day involvement with Elucidate, the company I founded ten years ago. Oonagh McCutcheon, currently Elucidate’s Head of Operations and who has decades of experience working with businesses to maximise their digital marketing, will take over the role as CEO of Elucidate. This will provide a seamless transition at what we believe is the country’s No. 1 online strategy company. As well as running Marketfinder I will also remain as Chair and majority shareholder of Elucidate.”

About Marketfinder

Marketfinder delivers software toolkits designed to increase e-commerce and mobile-commerce purchases. ‘Power to Convert’ is a software tool that shows marketing teams or company owners how best to maximise sales online, all in one easy to use tool.  The software identifies bottlenecks and hurdles in getting potential buyers to make a purchase which are tailored to respond to the specific needs of individual businesses. It shows the business how it rates against its peers internationally. ‘Power to Convert’ also provides users with access to leading edge case studies, e-commerce product/service comparisons, guides, tips and research, which gives businesses access to the best information and self-help to address their specific barriers to online sales conversions. To find out more go to