Turning online "tyre kickers" into buyers

Converting tyre kickers into buyers is “our bag”

Today ten new businesses registered to be rated by our online tool ‘Power to Convert‘ to find out how to transform an online ‘tyre kicker’ into a customer. With shoppers moving so quickly online many retailers are focusing on ways to transform their business to effectively compete with emerging online businesses.

Losing sales to online competitors,  particularly in light of the huge increase in online shopping during the holiday season, is something retailers can’t ignore if they are going to survive.shopping-cart_f029

Mobile shopping
A key component is understanding how consumers are using their mobile devices in shops and elsewhere as part of their purchasing behaviour.  It’s important to know if retailers are really losing sales to competitors, boosting sales or simply driving shoppers to their online channel.
60,000 consumers mobile habits analysed
report from SeeWhy’s Conversion Academy surveyed more than 60,000 U.S. consumers to get a better understanding of current online and mobile shopping behaviours. The report provides useful insights into how shoppers are visiting a retail outlet to view products and then purchasing online (showrooming). You’ll learn how men and women are behaving in different ways, spanning incomes and locations; how mobile devices are being used by consumers, and the surprising outcome that showrooming has on retailers.
If you want to know how well you are set up to convert online tyre kickers into buyers, take the ‘Power to Convert’ online diagnostic to receive  a rating, supported detailed performance report and links to online sales conversion resources.