8 conversion killers to avoid

8 conversion killers to avoidconversion_killer

Just one feature on your website can be the difference between whether a visitor abandons a task or continues to convert into a customer.

A distorted image, a button in blue rather than red and the ability to work on a mobile device all impact on the amount of business you generate directly online.  Here are just some of the features that can have a negative impact on conversion rates.

Conversion killers to be avoided:

  1. Poor in-site search
  2. Checkout or application process too long or poorly set up
  3. Limited options (including payment)
  4. Hard to use via a mobile device
  5. Poor navigation
  6. Poor product descriptions and images
  7. Wrong colours
  8. Engagement on site

Making the right tweaks  to your website, without a complete website overhaul, can have an immediate impact on conversions and in our experience, increase conversions by up to 3% in just 10 days.