5 key digital marketing and e-commerce predictions for 2014

5 key digital marketing and e-commerce trends and predictions for 2014blog-art

When senior digital marketers, sales gurus and retail industry experts came out with their top predictions for 2014, they provided us with endless lists on where ecommerce marketing was going.

Econsultancy’s “Digital and Ecommerce Trends and Predictions for 2014” report has compiled various surveys and predictions of trends for 2014 and the one thing that is evident is that 2014 will be all about the customer.

Here are 5 areas that the Econsultancy report finds will be significant this year for e-commerce marketing:

  1. Data and analytics – Data is integral to all aspects of marketing, and this year e-commerce marketers will focus on monitoring and improving how data is used to provide insight, personalisation and content.
  1. Customer experience – Organisations are planning to work on understanding how customers interact with them across all channels and how to optimize the overall customer experience. The focus will be on the customer journey and identifying customer personas. The ultimate goal with learning more about the customer is to improve service to increase customer satisfaction and conversions.
  1. Mobile – The rise in mobile usage has had a profound impact on how organisations market and online. The ownership of Smartphone’s and tablets has created an ‘always online’ generation of consumers, thus presenting companies with lucrative windows of opportunity.
  1. Content – The last year or so has seen the ascendancy of the infographic. But in 2014 we’ll see more ‘content’ that is actually live data. Like Daily Mail’s Stats dashboard where data about content makes for compelling content itself.
  1. Social – In the same way that ‘digital’ is suffusing and diffusing back into the organisation and its business functions, we will see ‘social media’ increasingly become part of everyone’s job. In particular any ‘front office’, or customer-facing, roles will be expected to understand and manage social so 2014 will see continued training and investment to enable and encourage this

 Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Trends and Predictions for 2014 -Report

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